Founded 2018

About Us

The Consortium for Surgical Ethics was founded as a means to increase attention to ethics in the surgical community. We believe that surgeons in practice and training provide exemplary care to patients through the values of respecting patient autonomy, balancing the risks of intervention, and provision of care in an equitable and compassionate manner. We promote open discourse on these topics in search of the best possible surgical care and training, and welcome membership from all surgical professionals. Our next meeting is coming up soon - please join us!

Founders, Mentors, and Donors


The founding members of the Consortium of Surgical Ethics are Drs. Karen Devon, Sabha Ganai, Jason Keune, Piroska Kopar, Alexander Langerman,  Shuddhadeb Ray, and Anji Wall. We owe a special thank you to our mentors and donors who have made the Consortium for Surgical Ethics a reality, especially Drs. Ira Kodner and Mary Klingensmith at Washington University in St. Louis, Drs. Peter Angelos and Mark Siegler at the University of Chicago, and Par Kamingar for his generous financial support. The CSE would also not be possible without the tireless efforts of Dr. Douglas Brown, Surgical Education Specialist at Washington University in St. Louis.



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